Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Found that Wave!!

Benn searching for a while now but I finally found this sound byte from the movie A Mighty Wind and the character is Elliott Steinbloom (Don Lake) saying this "I mean, I moved away to North Dakota. I tried to get as far away as I could to actually get the singing out of my head. I didn't care for folk music and Dad knew that. I just, I didn't get it. Um."
It's sweet piece because you can feel the characters inner struggle with his father and how it is still working through his system daily!! Great delivery too and a subtle change in attitude right in time for the subtle punchline!
Anyhow here is the really, really, really, ruff flash planning stage...and yes jack action will be doing this. If anyone isnt familiar with my process. I first ruff out my scene in flash because of how quickly i can get my ideas down and later when its at decent stage export the frames and match them up in 3DsMax.


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