Friday, June 29, 2007

Heroes was a blast!!

That's right I had a swell time at the Hereos convention. So many super cool and super talented cats were at this joint. I have been so swamped since i got back that i have hardly had enough time to doodle.
Some Crazy cool stuff is happenning right now, but i have to keep a lid on it for a while. So please forgive me as the posting may take a hit for a while, as I immerse myself in these new projects .
Here are some cards i did for Marvel's Upper Deck collection...and yes they are one of a kind original art. That's right i actually personally touched those cards with my filthy little fingers!!! hehehehe oh and some planeflight doodles!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Bastion 7 Babe!!

If you dont know Bastion 7 then it's high time to get aquainted with the genious of Cheeks
Here is my little slice of fan boy love of his designs'



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