Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Part four!!

Okay the flash part is done!! Now it's time to export the png sequence and dump it on a plane in 3DsMax and start matching Jack Action to it!!
  • www.robinmitchell.ca/lucas/northdakota/NORTHDAKOTA_04.swf

    Blogger K McLeod said...

    Can't wait!

    8:09 AM  
    Anonymous teo cato said...

    Yes me too!!

    1:38 PM  
    Anonymous Mega said...

    wow impressive~, hey is this method uses in the studios ? or you created it?

    2:21 PM  
    Blogger james_william_walsh said...

    very nice robin,,,
    great timing!!!
    so good

    11:44 AM  
    Blogger Kipp Schell said...

    wow man this is georgous! the only beef i have is that the movement is all kinda the same speed (cept the very end, which is nice) i personally, would speed up the hand resting back down on his lap and the line 'singin outa my head' i would speed up he thrust foward a bit, but thats just me, its still quite beautiful.

    12:33 PM  
    Blogger orange said...

    dear robin

    This is amazing. I was never aware you'r doing your tests in flash. Man that is a very genuine and brillaint way. Wow, the acting has it's subtley too...jeez man..looks brillaint.

    That's a whole different open closet there...and you'r using flash in a very intuitive way and adapting it..amazing. MAn , i really have o admit..that took me by surprise...that is a whole diff possibilty with flash..i am gonna show it to the guys at the shop on monday. beautiful..and looks liek you just went at it too...very nice man..very very nice.

    sincere regards
    robin joseph

    4:58 PM  
    Blogger PEPE said...

    wow!! thanks everyone!! I guess should explain. I used this as a crutch when i had a ton of 3D animation to do at work. i thought it best to plan it out roughly in flash and spit out a mov and match it afterwards. then i thought why not spit out a bunch of stills and map on a plane and match it in 3dsmax. I guess necesity is the mother of invention. I was listen to the interview of Eamonn Butlerat http://www.animationpodcast.com/ only to here that others at disney have been doing this on the chicken little movie. So I guess i am not the first. but i sure felt like it for a while there!!hehehehehehe!!
    hey Kipp, I think your right and i will be sure to speed it up a tad in both case. thanks!!
    Hey Robin, I am such an admirer of your work. I have saved everyone one of your blog pics for inpiration!! keep it coming please!!

    7:39 PM  
    Anonymous Mega said...

    thanks for the explaining, Robin..one question.. you doing 3D animation , too at work ?
    I thouth you do Character Design and stuff at that gaming company..

    9:03 PM  
    Blogger PEPE said...

    hey mega,
    I do everything under the sun at WMS, but I was originally hired for my animation skills but the reality is you have to be a super generalist at WMS.

    5:10 PM  

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