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It's always a wonder to me why people fail to look into the controversial issue of vaccines. There is so much information out there mainstream wise that i am shocked at how people can still make the mistake of vaccinating themselves let alone their children. I wish i had this info back in the day before i failed my own son...........who know has autism because of it. So today I serve you up a few things that can help make you understand what you moron doctor's cant:

FOR A BREAKDOWN OF WHAT IS IN VACCINES: Diphtheria, Pertusiss, Tetanus vaccine Click HERE:

For those that haven't heard how vaccines can seriously damage you watch this 60 minutes report:
Click here:

60 Minutes SWINE FLU VACCINE - H1N1 Warning! 1 OF 2

60 Minutes SWINE FLU VACCINE - H1N1 Warning! 2 OF 2

and for something more recent (it's the first part but i'm sure you can look for more the other parts if you want) :

THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT - In The Service of Good, Pt 1 of 4



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This is a post on AUTISM and related health issues.
Remember, of course I'm not an MD and I cannot address the specifics of all cases, but below is a very good overview.

First off, what CAUSES the Austism epidemic?

...The relationship to vaccines is well documented:

"Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate"

Here is what they don't tell you:
"Mothers who themselves were re-vaccinated in adulthood with live virus vaccines have also wondered if by receiving such vaccines, they could have in any way compromised their children’s immune system, and predisposed them to adversely react to their own vaccinations."

When they took mercury out of SOME vaccines (not all sneaky bastards) and the incidence of Autism kept climbing, many tried to say vaccines could not be the cause. Yet the extremely low to none incidences of UNvaccinated children with Autism is too convincing so there has to be a link.
~~~~~(jessie here :)- this is not my article and i have to interject to say again: no vaccine has ever been recalled so what remained was still on the shelves and i also know of an article that i need to find regarding the fda changing labeling laws so certain ppm were allowed without labeling. imho the fda is a criminal organization.... cont....)~~~

When you look at the OTHER INGREDIENTS in vaccines it become CLEAR that there are ample reasons a vaccine WITHOUT mercury or even alluminum could cause NEURODEGERATION:
(the above is an excellent link in general)
Ingredients from formaldehyde to pig, monkey or cow cells and live viruses clearly can cause reactions in the gut and lead to inflammation of the brain, kidneys, small intestine, etc. all compromising the health of the child.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's more is the refusal of ANY PHYSICIAN to take the now famous VACCINE CHALLENGE is quite compelling regarding the safety of the ingredients:$75,000VaccineOffer.htm

Here is my full take on Austim:

Children who are born to parents who have been vaccinated and have deficiencies themselves tend to be most susceptible.
Most Autism occurs at 18 months after the child has had the 3rd round. This is not always the case but usually. A child's immune system becomes overwhelmed to the point where the neurodegenerative process begins to cause behavioral problems. If mercury from the vaccine is not the cause, it's usually the viruses and ROGUE PROTEINS (the worst) in the vaccines that cause brain swelling and inflammation. ALSO, the small intestinal lining becomes damaged by these toxins leading to a leaky gut with holes in the intestinal lining. This is why they tend to have so many digestive problems and such a need for GOOD BACTERIA in the gut.

The most underlooked factor of Autism is the relationship to the kidneys.
All autistic kids have a low pH, meaning they are acidic and don't have enough minerals. This is exaccerbated when heavy metals are involved (and they normally are). Even if vaccines don't have mercury, the DNA damage that vaccines do actually causes the child to be more vulnerable to heavy metals from other sources such as food and water and air.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When doctors speak of Autism having a GENETIC CAUSE, they are greatly misleading the public.
DNA IS DAMAGED WHEN THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH NUTRIENTS AND CHEMICALS, INFECTIONS, and HEAVY METALS enter the body. The child who is born with a "genetic weakness" for Autism is the result of a dna damaged parent. Genes don't just do bad for no reason. Usually it's cause by generational nutritional problems and toxins, OR emotions/ energetics.
So don't tell me Austism is CAUSED by genes. That is fucking STUPID.

SO what do you do with an Autistic child?

The first thing to remember is that like anything else, catching it early is a huge key.
Second, diet is essential. Every Autistic kid my mentor has seen has had abnormal bowel ecology. There is a deep seated connection between the GUT and the BRAIN.
Autistic kids (and all kids) should never have sodas or refined sugar. They should also be kept off refined white flour. All uncultured dairy should be removed (keifer is fine). All hydrogenated oils MUST be removed from the diet as well as soy. SOY, WHEAT (gluten), CORN, DAIRY, SUGAR should be eliminated so the gut lining can heal.

Some good books with recipes and food ideas for sick people are as follows:
The Body Ecology Diet
Healing with Whole Foods
Healing Traditions

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are a good start. I won't go too deep into diet here because there are plenty of great links on diet for autisitic kids.

Theraputic concerns are what I am going to stress here.


When an Autistic child gets far enough into their disease process, their kidneys/ adrenals become very weak. In fact, it's clear to me that the reason some kids get Autism and some do not is that Autistic kids are often born with weak kidney meridian. This is common in the modern world where so many adults have toxic bodies and the kidneys/ adrenals are the FIRST to go from stress and infections and metals.

So when well meaning parents and practitioners TRY to detox the child they FAIL. The reason they fail is as follows:

- They didn't REMINERALIZE the child and raise their pH high enough BEFORE chelation.
- They didn't support the kidneys of the child.
- The child's kidneys are so weak that their cell energy level does not allow for heavy metal excretion.

Here's the deal. When you get too acid, and the kidneys get too weak, minerals will not be absorbed. The child cannot take minerals alone or they will get sick. Furthermore, the child who received chelation without being properly mineralized first has the risk of more damage. When the metals are liberated from the tissues, there are no minerals to buffer them, so they are forced back into the tissues even deeper. This is why later on autistic people often have sweet smelling ammonia in their urine. This is an emergency tactic by the kidneys when the body gets too acidic.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in order to remineralize a child, you have to get their cell energy up. Dr. Marshall does with with a live CO Q10 (the only on the market). This is a delicate process and should only be done under supervision. But this is the key in most autism cases.
In addition, chelation is outdated and inefficient compared to products like "Heavy metal nano detox" or "natural cellular defense".
My recommendations to parents with Autistic kids to to get them to a practitioner who is trained by Dr. Marshall.
If cost is an issue then at least DIET can help.

I always recommend Dr. Marshall's company as a resource: 800-3...70-3447 end_of_the_skype_highlighting And I would just call the company to get started.

Others who are a great resource are Mercola and Cocoon Nutrition.

Castor oil packs, mud packs, and mud baths are also perfectly safe detox remedies for children. The mud esp. can work miracles for getting the kidneys on and the metals out.
Seaweeds and good bacteria are also very good for a weak child.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The main thing is the kidney support and reminerazation. Second is dealing with the brain and nerve issues and starting the exxogenous mud and castor oil detox therapies. The "Kidney Complex" from Dr. Marshall's company is a life saver and can buy time by protecting the kidneys and cleaning the blood. That combined with a small amount of the live COQ10 will bring the kidneys on enough to get the minerals into the child. Once the child's pH is high enough, Heavy Metal Nano detox can be brought in and usually there are dramatic results. If a child is very far along, it may take more time and more nerve complex. It may also be important to check for other infections, as a weak immune system usually attracts them. However, heavy metals and digestive problems are the main issues in most autism.

DNA repair therapies are also essential when there is damage from the rogue vaccine proteins. DHLA is a good one (from Dr. M). Good bacteria can also help, but DHLA is one product I have seen amazing results with. I had a client with MS whose seizures stopped when she got on the stuff. Another client with a brain injury had such dramatic results that her doctor couldn't believe it. It's the ultimate antioxidant and does wonders for the liver and brain.

NATURAL CELLULAR DEFENSE is a good product, and takes metals and chemicals out whild raising the pH, HOWEVER i cannot yet in full confidence recommend it for autistic kids. I haven't seen enough data on whether it's safe for a child.

SO the bottom line is find a good healer to work with. If you already have one, give them this info and tell them about Dr. Marshall's company and protocols. His clinical track record on Autism would make any MD BLUSH.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS: One more excellent resource:

UNrefined sea salt, sprouted grains, cultured vegetables, unrefined coconut oil, ETC. This company has some great info on diet and a good resource to get stuff you may not be able to find locally (esp. if you live in an unconscious part of the country or world where they have little or no organic health food stores).

REMEMBER PARENTS, kids NEED salt. Not the table salt which is sick, but real sea salt with its mineral matrix intact."
Back to top

the american pediatrics recommendation if a parent refuses:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A mutagenic Measles virus strain commonly infects the bowels of children with Autism. Merck package insert: Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine – ‘M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair f......ertility.’

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

~~the number of vaccines that children receive in the first two years has gone up from 8 in 1980 to 22 in the year 2001.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

process in the cerebral cortex, white matter & cerebellum of
autistic patients, marked activation of microglia & astroglia.
Cytokine profiling indicated that... macrophage chemoattractant protein
...(MCP)-1 & tumor growth factor-beta1, derived from neuroglia, were
the most prevalent cytokines in brain tissues.'

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Neuroglial activation and neuroinflammation in the brain of patients with autism.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIMEROSAL PERMANENTLY DAMAGES TISSUE SENSITIVITY - 'Neonatal administration of a vaccine preservative, thimerosal, produces lasting impairment of nociception (awareness of tissue injury) and apparent activation of opioid system in rats. Pr...esent findings show that THIM (Thimerosal) administration to suckling or adult r...ats impairs sensitivity to pain, apparently due to activation the endogenous opioid system.'
See More
Neonatal administration of a vaccine preservative,... [Brain Res. 2009] - PubMed result

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

THIMEROSAL MERCURY PATENT OWNER ELI LILLY - COMPANY SAFETY DATA REPORT: ‘Thimerosal contains 49.6% w/w organically-bound mercury. Early signs of mercury poisoning in adults are nervous system effects, including narrowing of the visual field and numbness in the extremities. Exposure to mercury in utero and in children m...ay cause mild to severe mental retardation and mild to severe motor coordination impairment.’

Contrary to popular medical spun tales, Polio wasn't eradicated in the 1950's. On the contrary the Salk & Sabin vaccine, laced with SV40 diseased Green Monkey kidney virus, merely created a new subset of Poliomyelitis known as Aseptic Meningitis; in addition to a cats cradle of hitherto unknown neuro-degenerative disorders & rare forms of cancer.

‎3 STEPS TO OPTIMAL HEALTH: 1. Uptake of Glutathione/Selenium, Vitamins A, C, D3 & E - all vital anti-oxidants depleted by the synergistic effect of heavy metal vaccine toxicity. 2. Organic Apple Cider vinegar daily - regulates your PH alkaline balance & Baking Soda - wards off cancer (dissolves tumors which manifest as... fungus). 3. Avoidance of sugars, iodized salts, poly-saturated fats, gluten, casein, all GMO foods.
It is common knowledge in medical circles that Thimerosal crosses not only the blood barrier into the brain, but also gets absorbed into the placenta when introduced to the bloodstream. The CDC, WHO & local health authorities in countries around the world have begun vehemently recommending all pregnant women & babies as young as 6 months receive the seasonal flu vaccine during first trimester. Attempted infanticide.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

fucking morons

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Blogger PEPE said...

Anonymous ...YOU'RE AWESOME!!! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous is your ex wife and yes i am lol

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

people will not believe it until it happens to them. i was there so i don't need evidence. jav had immediate physical side effects the day i let them inject him with multiple vaccines. he started being sick in the cab on the way home. then we got him injected with the chicken pox vaccine (another JOKE~ when mothers were sane they would have pox parties to purposely infect their children) and he had them localized on different parts of his body 4 different times.
we had the rudest awakening there is </3

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Robin,
been a fan of your art for awhile and my son ( whose is now 3 ) was diagnosed with autism before Thanksgiving and we have been scrambling since. I really appreciate you sharing you and your families story.

You may have read this and have done research but I wanted to share with you the latest we found that really seems to really shed the light on what you and other parents and certain physicians have been saying.

Again if you read it, sorry for resending, but I do want to say again that we should all continue to bang the drum and people need to know that our children in essence were taken away from us, and if there are things we can do to bring them back then every effort needs to be made so we can get them back.

Keep hollering man, and take care!

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