Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Jack Part Three

GRRRR!!! Okay, I am still fleshing it out and I am not happy! WWWAAAYYYY to floaty!! I have a lot left to do here!!!

  • http://www.robinmitchell.ca/lucas/JacksDebutPart3.avi

    Blogger sean said...

    Hey Man, Very cool. I've never touched the 3d thing so I can't be too critical. 2 things that really caught my eye were the 2 step at the beginning and his landing at the end.

    1. I like that you didn't do the ol' animated wind up but I think you could definitely play with this a little. Perhaps make it a little subtler. As is, the first motion seems disjointed from the action that follows.

    2. Kind of the same comment for the landing at the end. He lands too hard at the beginning. Meaning, he lands, the action slows or stops and then he falls back. It might be as simple as removing a few frames between his first landing and the stumble back.

    Really cool stuff man. I'll come back for more!

    8:01 AM  
    Blogger PEPE said...

    hey Sean, that is spot on!!

    8:23 PM  
    Anonymous teo cato said...

    Really impressive!!! I want to learn it!!!

    2:43 AM  

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