Friday, February 10, 2006

Jack's Debut

The link bellow has a ruffed out version of what I plan for Jack Action's first animation:


    Blogger Steve said...

    Man, that is going to be cool Robin, can't wait to see the finished piece...

    12:48 PM  
    Blogger Andrew Doll said...

    I agree that this will be awesome....only one crit, check your sizes for the character from the first the the last frame. The motion is spectacular, but he shrinks a little in the end. I really can't wait to see the finished thing Robin.

    1:12 PM  
    Blogger martin wittig said...

    Very Cool! This is gonna look great!

    4:27 PM  
    Blogger Fabi├ín Mezquita said...

    Perdon, no hablo Ingles, pero queria felicitarte por tus dibujos,son impresionantes!!!
    Soy Argentino, y descubri tu blog por el de Enrique Fernandez....
    Un gran saludo desde las Pampas.....

    12:19 PM  
    Blogger PEPE said...

    Thanks and Gracias gentlemen and senor!!
    Hey Andrew, I did notice that but seeing that it will be animated eventually in 3D, there just wasn't a need to focus on volumes. All I did was quickly ruff this out in about 2 hours solely as a ruff guide! But you are very correct in your observation! Thanks for the observation as I do appreciate it!!

    10:24 PM  

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